Ghost Hunters 3D

Warning : ghosts can haunt you through an electronic youtube video. Watch at your own risk.
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with fluppy Fluppyyyy
grzzed GRZZED
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  1. Ghoul

    Ghoul3 kun oldin

    maria wilson

  2. Ghoul

    Ghoul3 kun oldin

    why did i just get a chinese mcdonald’s ad

  3. - Tinyang

    - Tinyang7 kun oldin

    Pie pie pie pie pie pie

  4. Wheat Wagon

    Wheat Wagon7 kun oldin

    Maria Wilson

  5. Rad Shiba

    Rad Shiba8 kun oldin

    go big mode

  6. Nickolas Kruger

    Nickolas Kruger8 kun oldin

    Ghost: *Unholy Screaming* Dunkey: "No, don't give me that,"

  7. Jyoung850

    Jyoung8508 kun oldin

    my god.....big mode just turned on by itself. how can this be

  8. Freak Meek

    Freak Meek10 kun oldin


  9. DW Booker

    DW Booker11 kun oldin

    "Owen Wilson." X3

  10. Scrappy Doo

    Scrappy Doo11 kun oldin

    Sterlings flesh, we sacrifice.

  11. A Bird Dad

    A Bird Dad12 kun oldin

    Turn the game off, too scary

  12. Ohtensuki

    Ohtensuki12 kun oldin

    go big mode

  13. my butt

    my butt13 kun oldin

    William really went big mode an activated his requiem ability bigger mode

  14. prasanth elango

    prasanth elango13 kun oldin

    How old are you? Ghost: haaaaan

  15. Psych99 HD

    Psych99 HD13 kun oldin

    This really makes you feel like going big mode

  16. lone pix101

    lone pix10114 kun oldin

    My friend has been saying "Go big mode" constantly and now I know where it comes from.

  17. That Guy

    That Guy15 kun oldin

    Final words you hear in life “Go big mode”

  18. NRobbi

    NRobbi15 kun oldin

    Go big mode

  19. Kyle Patran

    Kyle Patran17 kun oldin

    Knowing that you used the theme from Luigi's Mansion in the end credits fills me with determination.

  20. V01D1KA

    V01D1KA17 kun oldin

    Thumbnail is nurture

  21. Gigerin

    Gigerin18 kun oldin

    There used to be jumpscare lists with time stamps for cowards like me, why don't people write them anymore ;-;

  22. Jose Molina

    Jose Molina19 kun oldin

    Yes, more ghoulie

  23. Dylan Placencia

    Dylan Placencia21 kun oldin

    It’s the Luigi’s Mansion song at the end for me

  24. Negative Protocol

    Negative Protocol24 kun oldin

    help me this is too funny, i can't handle it

  25. Kristian Vinther-Jensen

    Kristian Vinther-Jensen24 kun oldin

    We need more

  26. HydroSaurusRex

    HydroSaurusRex24 kun oldin

    “Are you friendly?” Ghost: CASH! LMFAO

  27. Rogelio Ocana

    Rogelio Ocana26 kun oldin

    it's more sad that people believe in ghost, lmao.

  28. Jake Gorman

    Jake Gorman26 kun oldin

    You should name your future son "Duncan"

  29. Winrar 32

    Winrar 3226 kun oldin

    B I G M O D E

  30. mainframehacker

    mainframehacker27 kun oldin

    Go big mode

  31. trikafta

    trikafta28 kun oldin

    you should play escape from tarkov dunky its would be really cool to see a video on that God Bless

  32. Ryan Thompson

    Ryan Thompson28 kun oldin

    This is scarier than the time I went to Brad Pitts annual Saturday night dinner party!

  33. Bossa Bassa

    Bossa Bassa29 kun oldin

    Marie Wilson

  34. NotAnAdmin

    NotAnAdminOy oldin



    NOGARA ISHIOy oldin

    Why is there ghost hands?

  36. Claiming Light

    Claiming LightOy oldin

    You made it funny, but that game is boring as hell. Enter building. Say name over and over. Freezing Temps. Take a picture of a sink. Get $10 to buy a new crucifix that doesn't work.

  37. Sarah June

    Sarah JuneOy oldin

    “Candace Robinson, what do you like more: Dairy Queen, or Wendy’s? :)” “Death.”

  38. Relyks

    RelyksOy oldin

    "Deactivate big mode" -videogamedunkey

  39. flashdr1ve

    flashdr1veOy oldin

    “I thought it was Taco Tuesday, over. Am i wrong?”

  40. sauercrowder

    sauercrowderOy oldin

    YoU NeVeR SHoULd hAVe tOLd BiLLy to Go Big MoOoOoOoOoOoooOode

  41. Amelia Ayers

    Amelia AyersOy oldin


  42. Snow Miser's Front Door

    Snow Miser's Front DoorOy oldin

    go big mode

  43. Silver Lines

    Silver LinesOy oldin

    Little Kenny Dummy! Damn, had me in tears! 😂

  44. Sean-Patrick Flanders

    Sean-Patrick FlandersOy oldin

    It would be so fucking funny if the devs made "go big mode" an actual detected trigger for something

  45. Hov

    HovOy oldin

    Hey king... *Go Big mode.*

  46. Money Talk

    Money TalkOy oldin

    Go big mode!

  47. King _OP

    King _OPOy oldin

    I love his voice 😂

  48. Myles Donovan

    Myles DonovanOy oldin

    “Maria Wilson” “Dude please stop saying the ghost’s name” “I’m using echolocation, do you see how dark it is? How else am I supposed to see?”

  49. Zion

    ZionOy oldin

    PREVIOUSLY on Toast Adventures.

  50. Frost Rusher

    Frost RusherOy oldin

    What this game lacks is things from real life ghost hunting or exploring videos. Things like creatures peeking the corner and shadowy figures watching us and thrown things, all without any ghostly sound. Just silent ghostly stalking.

  51. A.J Sanchez

    A.J SanchezOy oldin

    7:22 is hysterical.

  52. Soul of a Vagabond

    Soul of a VagabondOy oldin

    2:30 a typical moment playing with friends.



    "this is like playing phasmophobia in dunkeys house" - gex

  54. Austin Blair

    Austin BlairOy oldin

    This is like going big mode at Jack Nicholson’s house

  55. DietEwok

    DietEwok2 oy oldin

    Maria donkskley

  56. Kobe Anderson

    Kobe Anderson2 oy oldin

    Skeleton Bones Ghoulie's videos just aren't funny anymore

  57. randyisyou

    randyisyou2 oy oldin


  58. TheReal Agent47

    TheReal Agent472 oy oldin

    We need more videos like this! 😂👍🏻⭐

  59. Micaela

    Micaela2 oy oldin

    i can just see them being like that one meme, "Hey's me...ya boi"

  60. patrick moriarty

    patrick moriarty2 oy oldin

    Maria wilson

  61. Spoob

    Spoob2 oy oldin

    This is like being a gamer in maria wilsons house

  62. Maria Masvidal-Wilson

    Maria Masvidal-Wilson2 oy oldin


  63. My name is Dale and England is my city

    My name is Dale and England is my city2 oy oldin

    "He went big mode" is probably the best part LOL

  64. Guito

    Guito2 oy oldin

    I need the name of the ending music

  65. beached whale

    beached whale2 oy oldin

    Cried laughing tbh

  66. Adam Mokdad

    Adam Mokdad2 oy oldin

    The descriptive ukrainian progressively park because nest plausibly explain over a solid respect. blue-eyed, necessary antarctica

  67. moop soup

    moop soup2 oy oldin

    go big mode

  68. interestedcat

    interestedcat2 oy oldin

    Really want to see him play more of this :)

  69. Gilbo Laggins

    Gilbo Laggins2 oy oldin

    *power goes out* "We're gonna die, ghosts are real, ghosts are real." LOL

  70. RonzaBonza

    RonzaBonza2 oy oldin

    this game really makes you *feel* like you're playing frisbee at Maria Wilsons' house

  71. Mauricio Mayorga

    Mauricio Mayorga2 oy oldin

    The only interesting video of this game

  72. Hammerfist117

    Hammerfist1172 oy oldin

    "Go big mode" is the best Dunkey one liner since "not even close, baybee"

  73. Sarthak Shrivastava

    Sarthak Shrivastava2 oy oldin

    Just like dark souls!

  74. Meromorphic

    Meromorphic2 oy oldin

    Maria Wilson, Maria Wilson, Banana bread

  75. Violated Crayon

    Violated Crayon2 oy oldin


  76. Rosh Drozzley

    Rosh Drozzley2 oy oldin

    Is the longest dunkey video since Kanye quest?

  77. Departed Reflections

    Departed Reflections2 oy oldin

    The real friends we made along the way were ghosts

  78. Jack Rose

    Jack Rose2 oy oldin


  79. S. Roy

    S. Roy2 oy oldin

    Maria Wilson

  80. PayneFish

    PayneFish2 oy oldin

    can we get some bookworm adventures deluxe

  81. Felix Gray

    Felix Gray2 oy oldin

    "Number twwooooo man in the windoooooow"

  82. Clankle Speck

    Clankle Speck2 oy oldin

    "he said gex" - *Gex*

  83. charlpetra

    charlpetra2 oy oldin

    Oh that luigi's mansion music at the end gave me some nostalgia

  84. swingonthespiral

    swingonthespiral2 oy oldin

    This game is the most fun I've had with my friends. Its endless laughs and scares.

  85. Majora78

    Majora782 oy oldin

    8:30 she boxed the hell out that dude

  86. sauercrowder

    sauercrowder2 oy oldin

    Maria Wilson

  87. Mykasan

    Mykasan2 oy oldin

    8:08 HAHAHA

  88. Zeb McCollum

    Zeb McCollum2 oy oldin

    Isn’t go big mode from a Travis Scott song?

  89. THE ribbity molester

    THE ribbity molester2 oy oldin

    "this game is like a concert run by dave Mathews"

  90. SeanTheCajun

    SeanTheCajun2 oy oldin

    I can't believe Content got banmed from good videos.

  91. AstroHere

    AstroHere2 oy oldin

    the ghost on the run

  92. Joshua Alvarado

    Joshua Alvarado2 oy oldin

    This is like doing taxes at Wesley Snipe's house

  93. Daniel Jae Im

    Daniel Jae Im2 oy oldin

    The ghost was trapped with them

  94. superedgypants69

    superedgypants692 oy oldin

    guys i might be wrong but i think there was a ghost

  95. seni

    seni2 oy oldin


  96. Andy Tran

    Andy Tran2 oy oldin

    this game is much more interesting to watch and play than among fucks also somehow, streamers made that browser game piece of shit toxic

  97. John X

    John X2 oy oldin

    "Go in that room and turn of the light." Dunkey: "Ok *clicks switch*" Ad break: A WILD JOE ROGAN APPEARS

  98. kirbythebamf

    kirbythebamf2 oy oldin

    Go big mode

  99. 4SEIKEN -

    4SEIKEN -2 oy oldin

    My girlfriend is sleeping next to me and I don't think I ever tried to hold back laughter as hard as I did watching this video, I thought my chest was going to explode

  100. Fog smog

    Fog smog2 oy oldin

    Man having just six words on the page, can’t call that a book